Okay, so this post is seriously late. I would promise that my posts will be on time for now, but honestly, with all the craziness of my internship at CAST and just life in general, my blog posts will likely continuously be delayed. And just to clarify, I LOVE the craziness. My life is awesome right now.

I wanted to briefly write about an awesome experience I had a few *ahem* weeks ago. I was invited to a potluck at the CAST shelter. The food was so good and it was so nice to connect with so many people involved in CAST. The women at the shelter had all made so many great dishes and a few people had brought things as well (I am not super talented in the culinary arts and went with chips and hummus). The dishes spanned an awesome rice chicken stew to green tea cake. Everyone bonded over how great the food was and the women were all so proud of the food they had made. It was a great reminder for me about how food serves to symbolize so many things: connection, gratitude, affection.

Through my time here at CAST, the generosity I have witnessed again and again has blown me away. There is barely a day that goes by that I am not offered to someone’s house or some sort of awesome food I have yet to try. There isn’t any large philosophical meaning behind posting this, its just a reminder that people can be and are often really sweet. CAST may work in an issue often trapped in sadness and tragedy, but the clients, volunteers, and staff at CAST so often remind me that there really are good people and things everywhere.

Maybe this post was about a bit more than just a potluck. But then the potluck was about a lot more than just food.

The scrumptious array of food at the potluck!

The scrumptious array of food at the potluck!

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