Internship at Challenging Heights in Ghana

 The Challenging Heights School

This summer, thanks to the CMC Ouroboros Fellowship, I am interning at Challenging Heights in Winneba, Ghana. The organization works specifically in the rural fishing villages in the area to rescue child victims of labor trafficking and rehabilitate them. The organization also works in prevention, attempting to change the cultural outlook on child labor in the region. Finally, the organization works with the Ghanaian government and groups around the world to change policy surrounding child labor and slavery in Ghana and around the world.

I amworking specifically in the rehabilitation shelter as a Teaching Assistant and Play Leader. My job is essentially to help create a supportive and comfortable environment for children recently rescued from traffickers. I am not entering into this internship with a specific agenda with the exception of the brainstorming and planning tasks I have been given leading up to this internship. While I do have experience working with victims of trafficking and mentoring at-risk youth, I am not going to pretend that I know how to work in the specific environment of this shelter.

My goals for this internship are to learn as much as I can about rehabilitating children from this specific trauma, observe how Challenging Heights attempts to change cultural norms, and learn more about tackling human trafficking in a developing nation. I wish I could say more about what I think my experience will be like or what exactly my internship will entail, but I really am not sure what quite to expect. I guess you all will have to follow this blog if you want to find out. All I am sure of is that this experience will be life changing.


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